maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2018

Oh, where have u been..

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Its been a small while again. U know how things seem to go in circles? Loops.. when a spiral would be more of wish. Well, wherever we r rolling right now, I came back to something I havent done for a while. Workout too, it feels great and in sha Allah I want to find more energy to it. But Im talking about homemade face masks :) Its one at Sunday night and I should sleep already so I keep this simple, just to give the recipe:

Avokado-oat face food

- half of an avokado
- handful of oat flakes
- 1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
- 1 tbs of honey
(measurements not so strict, u can control the texture with oil and honey, but it is a thick paste)

Mash avokado with a fork, add oats and mix. Add ev olive oil and mix, then honey and stir well. Keep in an air tight jar, cup or so in the fridge. Gently rub to clean and dry face (can put to lips but avoid eye area), and leave until it dries. If u want more effect, after its dried u can spray some water (.. rose water, orange blossom water) and let it then dry again. Rinse well. This amount can take many times, so share and care, or just eat bit more than a half avokado before making :)

After I dried my face with a towel and saw the results, I was happy. I guess I have many of the problems facial skin can have so - skin tone was more even, skin was smoother, softer, feeling very healthy, moisturized, very matte but not dry, gently scrubbed. No need to put any extra moisturizing cream. Homemade masks, where have u been? All this trouble and then the thought in my head that there was some time when my skin was alot better and didnt remeber what was the help that time.. :)

Alhamdulillah. So now to bed and think about the circle of life,

Peace, Aisha

torstai 8. maaliskuuta 2018


Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi..

Families, sometimes we have many of them. Futures too. I do care a lot of my own emotional wellbeing, and listen how I feel. Make choices with that base. I can make decisions which dont make any sense to anyone. I keep going on a way as long as it feels right. Morals come with feel. Changes start with feel. A feel can end, a feel can put an end, some feels are neverending. Sometimes we dont know how we feel.. A feel can take control of us, a feel can disarm us.

Last year I felt new feels, completely new feels. I used to search for truth of our being, and alhamdulillah I found it. I guess what Im searching now, is to get to experience more those certain feels. Those, where they r, all your feelings combined and your soul is in light. When u understand clearly how much Allah has love and mercy for us. Its beautiful..

.. Ive been picturing in my mind many times, how is the Last Day. And all fear of that I will be of the people of fire, I wish I wouldt be in despair. That I could actually have that feel, what I have when picturing that.. That I could be thankful of it, becose the One who have created the Earth, Universe, living and solid, seen and unseen, had destined it for me. And who am I, I am just an blink of an eye. But in that blink theres endless love, something He has put in our heart, a tiny crumble of a power which makes the worlds born. Some people dont believe in, what is not proven or what cant be seen. I dont know about it.. cos I see the effect of God everywhere.

So how I really feel now.. I took a step to something dear to me, and step back from something dear to me. Some dears came over today, and they made me feel dear to them. My niece is very dear to me. So I dont wanna fear the future.

Happy womens day!

Peace, Aisha

lauantai 3. maaliskuuta 2018

Speak life

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi all, hows weekend?

Ive been, again, thinkin this and that. Past week has included a lot, dealing with a new situation, some echoes came up from my past, problems to save money, fiances problems with his internet connection, and all the feelings these and other things happening, bring to my heart and mind. Well, alhamdulillah, its minor and dealable and I think my system works best at a little pressure.. so in sha Allah a diamond coming then hhh.

My best friends keep me very sane, even its just few talks and laughs.. and the words "i understand u and its ok" its the best thing u can hear.

But yea, also been thinkin this blog. Right now Im not sure anymore what kind of things I should write, and what is the point of this all. I think really really I gotta get to another way of expression, so I can keep it like it has been, but that I can be with peace same time with all Im sharing.. so no need to wake up at night deleting a post which has kept haunting me for hours or thinkin that man, nobody cares my cheese on bread recipes ;)

And, Im trying in many aspects to evolve. Growth is good, but now its time to evaluate and evolve. As a fan of to-do-lists, heres a (fav) list:

1. Fix crowns

Either its yours, or your friends, anyones, always support. How we can help someone to find their strenght, is by supporting their ideas, dreams and hopes. Tough love can be needed too. We cant support destruction, depression or desperation in actions. Supporting someone to stand on their own feet firmly will give a change of life instead of a change of mood. Supporting, as I see it, is to be there, and honest, take care and let her try her wings and fly.

2. Practice and learn

Islam, your skills, aim to find insight. Put it to action, learn from mistakes but do take a risk to make them in the progress. If u fall, get up, dust, and keep moving on.

3. Plan

Its said, live in the moment, and live this day as its your last, which have a good message. We dont know the time of our appointment so of course, to be concious of it and the power of Allah swt is more important. But as we have al-Jannah as our goal, theres small goals which help us to navigate in this world. Plan ahead, not a week or two, plan way ahead, where u wanna be, what u wanna have around u, what u want to leave as your legacy.. Plan is halfway a dream come true.

4. Control easy

Having things under your control is the best thing and feel Ive learned last year. Control tongue and actions. Control is the action of sabr. But dont let anyone have control over u - in that situation, have the sabr and do 1, 2 and 3. And remember ease.

And lastly, Inspiration Blog Awards voting is on til 9.3 :) to get nominated takes 100+ votes, just trying for fun.

Have a good evening and night, later then in sha Allah,

Peace, Aisha

torstai 22. helmikuuta 2018

Foodie.. eatie? :)

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone :)

Today easy day.. I fixed few things, also our handyman will come tomorrow in sha Allah, theres a small leak on one bathroom pipe, I hope he can take care of it becose I dont want to tell the landlord again about a problem. She is very nice, but lately there has been this and that, started with the small kitchen renovation with new stove and adjusting the kitchen to it, then changing locks and make it electric one, small shower to new one, fixing the fridge.. and we r having a window renovation in all these buildings so I think its just fair I wouldnt bother her with another thing.

I also went shopping, found a nice notebook only 1e, some teas and honey, home scent, greeting cards..  Cooked nice foods and relaxing. Theres was something shadowing my mind but alhamdulillah its ok after all. Tomorrow work, sunday to meet my parents at their place.

Often I cook from what I have at home, and I like different tastes so my cooking is experimental in a very easy way. I really enjoy the flavours of veggies and sometimes just a bit of salt and herbs is the very best. Then, comfort food is one thing. Other than vegetarian foods, I have come late to learn cooking meat, chicken and fish becose I didnt eat them at all until some years ago, and started to learn it basically from scrach so it has taken a while to learn how to get the meat tender, of fish juicy and so on. Today I made fry chicken, it all was great, had a good good marinade with ginger, honey, chili, bbq spice, sesame oil and so on, marinated it 2 hours, rolled in wheat flour mixed to oat flakes to get it really crunchy, put it to fry in pan.. and came to living room to write the recipes down. As u can guess, it became extra extra crunchy nicely said so all my work went down. New try later then... but I made some lentil curry too so didnt need to be hungry. I have eaten nepalese, indian and jamaican curry, dont know how to make any of them, but I had coconut cream so I made this mild, few-ingredient one:

- boiled red lentils
- frozen green peas
- frozen spinach
- a bit salt
- cayenne pepper
- curry spice mix
- 1 tbls peanut butter (without salt or sugar)
- coconut cream
- little sip of water
(cauliflower and onion would be good in this too)

Heat pan, no need for oil, just put the lentils and frozen ones on. When all is melted, add spices and let be few minutes. Then add peanut butter, u can stir it a bit but it will melt after a while. Add coconut cream too, and a sip of water. Stir and let it boil at medium temperature until its saucy. Serve with rice (and fry chicken ;).

And then a pizza bread suggestion too:

- oat bread
- tomato sauce (not ketchup, just tomato)
- sundried tomatoes
- feta cheese
- bbq spice
- grated cheese

Build in this order, keep in oven until cheese is melted. Havent made these for a while, was good, also I need a time off from thyme, bbq spice also works.

Time goes so I gots to go, thank u for reading!

Peace, Aisha

keskiviikko 21. helmikuuta 2018


Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi :)

I should have gone sleep few hours ago, but still here.. I dont yet know am I working this week, friday in sha Allah is planned, but I guess tomorrows off if nothing urgent appears at morning. Im planning to go shopping, I need to send two greeting cards, get some dishwashing liquid (yea really I have to plan these, cant remeber anything hh) aand then I kinda need a mixer. I do have a blender, but it has a flaw I found out others too do struggle with, u have a fancy nice blender and u want to try to make different things with it, but it just dont blend. :( Fruit juices and smoothies can be made easily, but thats about it.. pastes, mashes, can forget. So I do have a "masher", thats no problem, its a nice wooden.. thing.. well, just a masher. But today I wanted to make some hummus, and I did, its good, but after I mashed the boiled chickpeas I took my old old mixer to make it a paste so, I just got it ready made, and then the mixer made a weird sound and broke. I will need more hummus. :( This amount I made will take few days to eat but I guess I could also start baking finally, I have a good idea of making an extra tiger cake, with some coconut flakes and dark chocolate chips added and all other cakes to be made..

But, here comes the favs finally:

1. Herbal teas (+ green tea)

Yes. I do sometimes drink coffee, maybe two times a week or less, but always I see it dont affect me well, even if sometimes theres a moment when coffee is needed. Ive even reduced green tea, becose I think its the caffeine, how much there is or how less, it still makes me too restless and definetly doasnt make me have patience. Only exception is black seed drink, that I can handle :) (but 17g of sugar in a small can.. wish they could use stevia) .. Right now theres rooibos, chamomille and liqourice root powder in my cupboard.

2. Urtekram Nordic Birch day cream

Ohh this is nice! This is working. Still theres something going on, and I really wonder what did I do those times not so long ago, when my skin was actually clean. But anyways much better now, alhamdulillah.

3. Freeman face masks

Connected to above, these help too alot. I use three of them, one as a wash and other two three times a week. Manuka honey clay, Sea mineral clay and a charcoal sugar scrub. And always first a bit of natural soap.

4. Lentils

Yum :) I had forgotten these. I used to cook them all the time, make some daal-baat at least once a week and other dishes too. Found it again, really nice.

5. Better days and organized mind

Well this can never be bad. I find myself more settled, and not overthinkin, alhamdulillah. Today Ive been doing my favourite activity all day, organizing until theres nothing to organize. Sounds crazy and maybe it is. :) I could do it for days. Today I threw away painful memories, in form of a ring with a plastic "stone" and few other things I had still kept, found something to give to my niece and then rest not-anymore-needed-but-usable to neighbours. I recommend this, organizing donating all, and it dont mean u have to read Konmari books and have only one furniture but, a home with less materia is easier to keep clean, it gives a calm and peaceful vibe to your home, theres more space and not so much is needed after all.

I think I just gotta sleep now or I will not sleep at all.. later in sha Allah!

Peace, Aisha

sunnuntai 18. helmikuuta 2018


Assalamu aleikum all :)

Its been a nice weekend, to be honest Ive mostly just eaten this and that lol.. even right now I put some sweet potato into oven, to make a nice evening snack, adding there some lentils and feta cheese (bbq spice, oat milk cream), its really good. Also have eaten these two days a full pot of browning stew+rice, Daim-cake I bought from shop and what else, chocolate covered raisins, two pizza breads, halwa, raspberries, soda, juice and many cups of tea. Yum, even reading this list makes me hungry again. Good thinkin, the food is, again, soon ready yayy ;) I could blame PMS or something but not going to..

I visited my best friend at Porvoo for a sleepover, its an ease yuh heart with her always. We did together some kundalini yoga, and it was really good experience. She has done yoga for years and always tells me good about it. Ive tried it also on my own before, but never got that into it. I liked the kundalini yogas mentality a lot, balancing the body and mind, get energies moving and so on, during the class I felt many different emotions, relaxed, and my abs sure also were feeling emotions the next two days ;) And as all spiritual talk we had, it went to talking about spirits, so I wrote for her the basic duaas to help her with jinns, and later she said it was helpful, alhamdulillah, Im happy for and of her.

All in all Ive had a troubled phase now, lots of things have been in my mind, a lot. I think I am soon done with this iA :) Just need to organize my mind again and let all happen what is meant to happen. It can be seen so clearly, from the current state of imaan, how the feelings go. So, new week with a new start.

Peace, Aisha

tiistai 13. helmikuuta 2018

Better chamomille

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi all :)

Hmm. Comments on the last one umm well.. even though I got convinced now that I do get lot more readers on those kind of posts, I wont do those no more. I started this blog for happier things and thoughts so I will keep it that way now in sha Allah.. so I deleted what I wrote earlier and if I need to face the situation I was writing about, in any way later on, I want to be calm and why to even care that much.. Better to keep loving, hate and anger will just create more problems. Alhamdulillah.

So today day off, and tomorrow too, so my plans are to stay wake after fajr, clean home, do laundry and maybe go to see one of my best friends in Porvoo. I went to pick and send post, and pick new mittens and scarf, made a veggie pizza and some dessert with a cup of chamomille..

Yes and yum :) For the bread dough, its good to use less flour and let it rise half hour or so, it will be soft but also a bit crispy when baked. I put tomato sauce (+ dried thyme and chili sauce), härkis, red bell pepper, spring onion, cherry tomatos, broccoli, green peas and garlic, cheese on top.

Heres my station :)

If your hands tend to get extra dry in cold, this hand cream is best Ive tried. Sometimes my hands even have tiny wounds, and it really dont take much to happen, and this cream healed my hands very quickly, I think its the glycerine. I also switched today my wool mittens to other knitted ones with fleece coat inside. My lips dry very fast too, Himalaya Herbals has good lip balms to help.

This will be intresting :)


Peace, Aisha